Cotton Bunting for Glamping, Camping, Caravanning and Festivals!

Posted by Samuel Kavanagh on 20th Aug 2021

Cotton Bunting for Glamping, Camping, Caravanning and Festivals!

2021 has definitely been the year of the staycation with thousands of us choosing to holiday on British shores. We thought we'd give those who are putting up their tents or dusting off their caravans some hints and tips on decorating your tent and caravan with our beautiful cotton bunting.

Tip #1

Run some brightly coloured bunting down the guy ropes of your tent to make sure everyone knows where they are, especially useful when the sun goes down! This is also a great tip if you are going to a festival this year as it makes it nice and easy to see which is your tent! This gorgeous tipi tent has used our fabulous nautical buntingunion jack bunting and red, white and blue bunting to make a real impact! 

Tip #2 create that glamping style with some picnic blankets, cushions and some matching bunting to make your tent the envy of the campsite! Our pretty vintage floral bunting looks fabulous strung around the entrance to this canvas tent creating a lovely spot to spend the evenings. 

Tip #3 take a staycation to a new level and put a tent up in the garden and sleep under the stars! Make it bright bold and colourful ... the kids will want to camp in the garden all the time!

Tip #4 take glamping to the next level by adding picnic tables and chairs! Mark out the edge of your pitch with some of our cotton bunting and make your camping experience one you will never forget!