blue-dual2-2.gifDual Pennant Bunting - A Modern Twist On An Old Classic!

Dual-pennant cotton bunting features pairs of overlapping triangles, giving you far more fabric than traditional bunting. So you get a bolder statement look for the same cost per metre as the traditional single triangles!

We've a mix of bunting designs including our White Wedding Bunting, our favourite English Country Bunting, as well as electric-blue and hot pink paisley patterns. 

Pennants on this bunting are a little longer than usual, adding to the impact, and still with our customary quality and attention to detail - each bunting pennant is fully-hemmed and double-sided (2 pieces of fabric sewn together) so the design shows both sides.

It's the perfect bunting choice for when your event or venue demands some modern flair and originality!  

With FREE Delivery and our 30 Days Return Policy, feel free to order just one length to check our quality!

White Dual Pennant Fabric Bunting £8.70

White Dual-Pennant Bunting

Hot Blue Paisley Bunting £8.70

Blue Paisley Dual-Pennant Bunting