multi-coloured-bunting-bedford.gifHanging your bunting couldn't be simpler! All of our bunting comes with easy to use hanging loops. Either hang the loop over a hook, a fence post, a curtain pole, or even a tree branch or bush! 

If there is nothing to hang the loop over you can pin it (we even sell White Headed Pins that are perfect for the job!) stick it using tape, tie it to poles or pipes, nail or pin it to beams or loop it over or tie it around marquee structures or gazebo frames.

You can use cable ties, removable adhesive wall hooks or simply drape it between windows!

It's easy to tie together to make longer lengths or thread some string (as can be seen in this picture), ribbon or garden twine through the loops to help you tie it around beams or create a little bit of extra tie length if you need it!


If you are decorating a marquee or gazebo you have a whole host of amazing designs to choose from. Try draping your bunting from the apex, hanging it round the edges, stringing it down the guy ropes, looping it from corner to corner; or create a circus-top feel by running lengths out from the centre to create a party canopy that takes your décor to the next level.

In this shot 10m lengths of bunting have been strung over the main pole and hooked under the edging pole with the excess draping down prettily.

english-country-zm2.jpgIf you are decorating parties or inside spaces, throwing up a length of bunting will take minutes and totally transform the space. Our panel pins mean you can pin it to coving, softwood beams, wooden window and door frames or balustrades. You can even peg it to curtains or hook it over curtain poles or rails and your party space is ready - you just need guests!

BBQ's, garden parties, patio's, decked areas are simple too! There's always something to tie or pin your bunting too. And, if all else fails you can always use lengths of garden cane popped in pots to create something to tie it to!

If you are getting married or throwing a party outside, like this on-trend woodland wedding, string your bunting across the open spaces using trees and foliage. If you don’t have perfectly placed trees, bushes or poles throw some rope (as they’ve done in the pictures below), or clear garden line, across patios, courtyards or outside spaces and hang the bunting casually over the rope to create that perfectly draped look. The line blends into the surroundings and the bunting hangs majestically above your guests. So as you can see, hanging your bunting is really simple... you are only limited by your imagination!