Once you have decided how you would like to hang your cotton bunting - for inspiration see our blog `Wedding Bunting Ideas For Marquees, Barns and Woodland Glades?`, or our advice on 'How Easy Is It To Hang My Bunting' you can then work out how much you need to create the look you've settled on. Some companies have complicated calculators and estimators but we think it's really very simple! 

If you are intending to decorate a large venue or outside space you can use tape (or string), drape it where the bunting will hang and then measure the total length. If this isn't practical, use the approximate dimensions you are looking to decorate and add up to 20% on if you want the bunting to 'drape'. 

If you are decorating marquees, gazebos or tents you can apply the same rules as above. The venue or hire company will be able to give you details of the various dimensions you need and will be experienced in working out how much you need. 

Don't forget you can tie lengths together to make longer runs or use string or ribbon to create extra tie length if you are a little short! Having a selection of different lengths gives you flexibility to change your design at the last minute! 

Alternatively we suggest you over-order by an extra length or two just in case. Our bunting comes in individually-packed lengths of 5m or 10m for the majority designs (and 25m for our most popular designs), and you are always welcome to return any unopened packs of bunting for a refund (within 14 days of ordering).