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Rockets and Aliens Bunting

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Take one giant leap towards a fun, quirky bedroom or space themed party with our fantastic Rockets and Aliens bunting!

Each dark blue flag is appliquéd (one side only) with rockets, planets, moons and alien spaceships floating amongst far-away stars. It almost feels like you're in outer space. Perfect for budding astronauts of all ages!

A long-term favourite, this bunting is great for kids rooms, playrooms, and activity areas.

Each image is carefully appliqued and embroidered making it a real work of art that will look great for years of space adventures to come.

Availability In Stock. Despatched within 24 hours.
Bunting Material 100% cotton fabric
Bunting Length 5m lengths. There are loops at either end for hanging or tying.
Bunting Flag Size 19cm (w) x 20cm (l). There are 16 pennants per 5m length.
Finishing Every length of our bunting is finished by hand.
Washing Instructions Our cotton bunting is machine washable at 30°, but we do not recommend it is tumble dried. A gentle iron is all that's required.
Bunting Care Cotton fabric will fade naturally in sunlight, and weather over time if left out in the elements. To ensure your bunting remains in perfect condition we would recommend it is not left permanently outside.
Important Bunting is not a toy so always hang it out of the reach of children, and well away from naked flames.
Space Rockets Aliens Fabric Bunting
Rockets and Aliens Bunting
Rockets and Aliens Bunting Moon
Rockets and Aliens Bunting Rocket Green
Rockets and Aliens Bunting Alien
Rockets and Aliens Bunting Rocket
Rockets and Aliens Bunting Planet