preop-700-english-country-cu.jpgCotton Bunting For Every Occasion!

Fabulous colours. Bunting that's beautifully finished and hemmed. The perfect finishing touch to the decoration for any event.

Whether it's a once in a lifetime wedding, a birthday party, or a casual barbeque with friends; bunting adds atmosphere to every occasion!

Our bunting fabric is 100% pure cotton. Designed to be used again and again.

And remember, UK delivery is FREE on all orders from The Cotton Bunting Company!

Red and White England Bunting £12.00

Red and White Bunting

White Dual Pennant Fabric Bunting £7.20

White Dual-Pennant Bunting

USA American Flag Bunting £12.00

USA American Flag Bunting

Cotton Union Jack Bunting VE Day £13.50

Rectangular Union Jack Bunting

Fill-Your-Own Advent Calendar Bunting Sorry, sold out! £22.50

Fill-Your-Own Advent Calendar Bunting

White Swallowtail Fabric Wedding Bunting £13.50

White Swallowtail Bunting

Hot Blue Paisley Bunting £7.20

Blue Paisley Dual-Pennant Bunting

Multi-Coloured Swallowtail Bunting £12.00

Multi-Coloured Swallowtail Bunting

Red Christmas Cotton Bunting Sorry, sold out! £15.00

Red Christmas Bunting

Merry Christmas Bunting Sorry, sold out! £15.00

Merry Christmas Bunting

Halloween Bunting Sorry, sold out! £15.00

Halloween Bunting

Pirate 'Jolly Roger' Party Fabric Bunting £15.00

Pirate 'Jolly Roger' Bunting

Space Rockets Aliens Fabric Bunting £15.00

Rockets and Aliens Bunting

Fabric Happy Birthday Bunting UK Sorry, sold out! £15.00

English Country Happy Birthday Bunting

Pink Happy Birthday Bunting £15.00

Pink Happy Birthday Bunting

Rainbow Happy Birthday Fabric Bunting £15.00

Multi-Coloured Rainbow Happy Birthday Bunting

American Stars and Stripes independence day USA Bunting Hanging £12.00

USA American 'Stars and Stripes' Bunting

Red White & Blue Cotton Bunting for VE Day Celebrations and street parties £12.00

Red White and Blue Bunting

Union Jack Bunting £13.50

Union Jack Bunting

Nautical Bunting £18.00

Nautical Bunting