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Fantastic cotton bunting for a fine summers day! Originally created for a huge garden party, it's since become a top-seller in winter too!

We've combined bold stripes with complementary plain fabrics, making it perfect for any party, indoors or out.

It's bright, breezy and bold - and everyone seems to love it!

Every flag is double-sided (two pieces of fabric sewn together) so the design is identical on both sides. Each one is fully hemmed and beautifully finished by hand, so it won't fray and will look great for years to come.



19cm (w) x 20cm (l). There are 16 pennants per 5m & 33 per 10m length.

Bunting Material:
100% cotton fabric
Bunting Length:
Choose from 5m and 10m lengths. Each length can be tied together to create longer runs.
Bunting Flag Size:
19cm (w) x 20cm (l). There are 16 pennants per 5m, and 33 per 10m length.
Every length of our bunting is finished by hand. There are loops at either end for hanging or tying.
Washing Instructions:
Our cotton bunting is hand washable, but we do not recommend it is tumble dried. A gentle iron is all that's required.
Bunting Care:
Cotton fabric will fade naturally in sunlight, and weather over time if left out in the elements. To ensure your bunting remains in perfect condition we would recommend it is not left permanently outside.
Bunting is not a toy so always hang it out of the reach of children, and well away from naked flames.

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